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Our Drinks Menu

Specialty Features:
Flavored Coffee of the Month
Drink of the Month

Brewed Coffee
Daily Selection
Café au Lait
Shot in the Dark ( coffee w/ a shot of espresso)

Press Pots
Choose your favorite from any of our whole bean selection. Offered in both Personal and Large pots

Regular or Decaffeinated
Espresso Macchiato (Espresso topped with foam)

“Spritz It”
Add gourmet Monin syrup to any hot or cold drink!
Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Caramel, Green Mint, Almond, Amaretto, Coconut, Kiwi, Cinnamon Spice, Raspberry, Orange, Peach, Strawberry, Banana, Cherry, Peppermint, White Chocolate
Sugar Free Options:
Caramel, Hazelnut, Irish Cream

Coffee Alternatives
Hot Chocolate
Fresh Brewed Tea
Steamed Chai
Steamed Milk


Iced Beverages
Iced Latte
Iced Mocha
Iced Tea
Italian Soda
French Soda
Fresh Squezed Lemonade (seasonal)

Blended Drinks
Cappucino Freeze
Mocha Freeze
Flavored Freeze
Fruit Smoothies

Specialty Drinks
Monkey Mocha: A mocha made with white chocolate syrup
Black Forest: A chocolate-cherry mocha
Cinnamon Roll: A latte with cinnamon and caramel syrup topped with whipped cream
Caramel Macchiato: A latte with caramel topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of thick caramel syrup.
Grass Hopper: Mint, vanilla, chocolate…Need we say more?
Almond Joy: A joyous coconut and almond mocha
Milky Way Mocha: A mocha made with thick caramel syrup
Raspberry Brandy Truffle: This rich latte with chocolate, raspberry, and amaretto
Michelle’s Marvelous Breve: A delicious creamy latte made with ½ & ½