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Kiva Kona coffee beansCoffee Beans

Michelle’s Café coffee beans are roasted at Kiva Han. Kiva Han offers you the world’s freshest, most flavorful coffee. Using only the highest grade Arabica beans, Kiva Han coffee is harvested from select regions from around the world. Grown at elevations about 3,000 feet and with an extended growing cycle, Arabica beans are plumper and contain more oils and flavor than robusta beans, the typical store-brand coffee bean. To ensure the finest quality of each aromatic cup, Kiva Han chooses only the freshest, plumpest beans and only roasts on demand.


Kenya AA
Roast: medium Flavor: toast Acidity: very high Body: full
Often considered the best coffee in the world. Grown high on the slopes of Mt. Kenya where the temperate climate, volcanic soil, and seasonal rains produce a mellow and well-balanced coffee. The flavor includes hints of citrus and black currant, accompanied by an almost intoxicating floral aroma.

Colombian (Organic)
Roast: medium Flavor: mild fruit Acidity: high Body: medium
America’s most popular coffee. Full bodied and balanced with a sweet flavor and satisfying aroma.

Indian Malabar
Roast: medium Flavor: mellow earthy Acidity: mild Body: full
These beans are “moonsooned”, spread across the floors of specialty built huts throughout the rainy season to recreate the water logging effects of the long ocean voyage between India and Europe in the past. This process creates an earthiness and unique flavor.

Mexican (Organic)
Roast: medium Flavor: earthy Acidity: moderate Body: full
Mexico’s highest-grade coffee grown using organic farming methods on a fair-trade certified farm. This coffee has an earthy taste and mild flavor.

Sumatra Mandheling
Roast: medium Flavor: syrupy Acidity: moderate Body: full
These beans are cultivated on the steep volcanic slopes of Mt. Leuser in the Mandheling region of Sumatra. Its herbal aroma and complexity make it a favorite of many.

Brazilian Santos
Roast: medium Flavor: sweet, clear Acidity: moderate Body: full
Brazilian beans are extremely popular, making up 30% of the worlds coffee consumption.

Guatemalan (Decaf)
Roast: dark Flavor: spice and chocolate Acidity: medium Body: full
These 100% highest-grade Guatemalan Arabica beans have a dry and delicate aroma with a taste hinting of smoke, snap, and zest.

Costa Rican (Decaf)
Roast: dark Flavor: spicy, citrus, chocolate Acidity: medium Body: medium
Costa Rican beans offer a great balance and crisp acidity, offering a clean follow-through. Good body and chocolaty finish add impact to this well-bred coffee.

Panamanian (Clarion Blend)
Roast: medium Flavor: nutty Acidity: medium  Body: neutral
Panamanian beans are known for their consistent quality.

El Salvador
Roast: medium Flavor: bold Acidity: medium Body: smooth
Cerro de las Ranas means mountain of frogs and this estate coffee grows high on this mountain creating a truly rich coffee.

Estate Hawaiian Kona
Roast: medium Flavor: sharp & clear Acidity: mild Body: medium
An American original. The small growing region of the Kona Coast on the big island of Hawaii produces a truly unique coffee. Kona coffee is very aromatic and is a treat to be experienced.

Jamaican Blue Mountain
Roast: medium Flavor: lush and subtle Acidity: low Body: bright
Considered by many to be the best coffee in the world. Grown high in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Jamaican coffee is smooth with a very full body and aroma.


Kiva Han Blend
Roast: dark Flavor: strong & sweet Acidity: moderate Body: heavy
The Kiva Han Blend is designed to create the perfect espresso. A tantalizing blend of Brazilian and Guatemalan beans, it has a mild chocolate introduction followed by a nutty middle, and a soft, sweet finish. Kiva Han is perfect for espresso and equally good for traditional coffee.

Kiva Kona
Roast: medium Flavor: slightly dry Acidity: mild Body: medium
A blend of the highest grade Kona and Guatemalan beans. This coffee offers high floral notes and a smooth buttery finish.

Louis XIV
Roast: medium Flavor: medium fruit Acidity: mild Body: medium
A blend of Ethiopian and Javan beans. This is a delicious, full-bodied coffee. Louis XIV boasts a complex aroma with a spicy flavor and syrupy body.

Roast: dark Flavor: citrus and cherries Acidity: balanced Body: heavy
A blend of Central American and African coffees, this coffee is always one of our most popular. This blend has body, complexity, and brightness.

Flavor Coffee

All Flavor Coffee
Roast: medium Flavor: added oils Acidity: mild Body: full
All flavor coffee uses Brazilian Santos beans and roasted in flavored oils.
Flavors Include: Caramel, Golden Pecan, Hazelnut, La Vanilla, and a flavor of the month.